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In the meantime, here's all the information you need (in a more rudimentary format):

The club is at the end of Howley Lane, WA1 2DN. Click here for a Google Maps link

You can reach it by foot or bike down the slopes off the northern side of Kingsway Bridge, or by car you can turn off Farrell Street by the council depot, go down to the river and turn left before bouncing your way along the track. On normal days there's plenty of parking at the club - when you reach the boathouse turn left before it and follow the track around to the car park.

When we host events this area is used for parking trailers and there is only parking at the club for the disabled and the umpires who kindly give up their free time to help out. However, there will be marshals on hand to point you to nearby convenient parking spots.  Please do not park along the narrow part of Howley Lane (this is the emergency access route to the club) or on the approaches to Kingsway Bridge.






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