Headed by the Amateur Rowing Association (ARA), Project Oarsome is an opportunity for young people to try rowing using a link between local State Schools and Rowing Clubs with guidance from qualified coaches. 
Warrington Rowing Club is partnered with Lymm High School and many (though by no means all – see below) junior members join the club through Project Oarsome.Over the past five years this has enabled a considerable investment to be made in equipment to support the programme both at Warrington Rowing Club and Lymm High School.
This makes use of fully trained coaches from the rowing club and teachers from the school who have formal coaching qualifications enabling the sport to develop and thrive within the community. In addition to this the backing we receive from parents is a tremendous help.
We also benefit from the support of Jacqui Shannon (Jax), a professional coach employed by the Amateur Rowing Association, who works part-time with Warrington and 2 other north-west clubs. The Junior Co-Coordinators are Andy McGlown and Mark Lavery.
There are training sessions on Tuesdays after school at Lymm most weeks. Water based training is on the River Mersey at the rowing club on Sundays with qualified coaches. Training times are arranged through LHS.

  We begin with ‘dry start’ using indoor rowing machines – ergos – and gym sessions. This is in February of year 7. The juniors follow a training programme which begins to develop their sculling skills and overall fitness with the aim of progressing to weekly water sessions by the summer.

  Finally before transferring these new skills to water a capsize drill is carried out to ensure that all rowers can swim a minimum of 100m whilst wearing PE kit and to teach everyone the correct procedure should they happen to fall into the river.  

  Then, during spring time we commence ‘wet start’, when juniors are introduced to sculling over a number of weeks by fully qualified coaches. They learn many different skills, generally starting in a ‘quad’ with a cox and then moving on to other boats as they develop.

  Once the initial training is complete juniors will be required to become members of Warrington Rowing Club. If they want to begin rowing competitively against clubs in external competitions they need to become members of the ARA. Although rowing competitively is not a compulsory outcome of Project Oarsome most juniors who started with this scheme are competing regularly throughout the country in regattas and heads and also in some bigger, national events

  The 'products' of the project oarsome scheme have done fantastically well at local and national level and also gone on to represent Great Britain.

There are many schools and clubs in the North West now involved in Project Oarsome, which has meant a significant increase in local competition both indoors (time trials on ergos) and on the water.

There is a wealth of opportunity for High School juniors within rowing. Many school students who have  previously rated themselves as not ‘sporty’ have been amazed by their developing self-confidence as athletes.  They have also found that rowing has helped them in other areas such as leadership skills, organisation of their time and in the classroom too.
Rowing for Young People at Warrington
We are keen to meet interested young people who want to try rowing. If you are not a student at Lymm High School you can come along for a look around any Sunday between10.00-12.00. We will probably get you on the water for a supervised try out immediately!

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