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Rowing is a unique sport in that there are large number of competitions available for all ages and ability. At WRC we have a structured squad system aimed at developing individuals to compete at the highest level.

Juniors (under 18's) develop through a squad system based on ability - these are Beginner, Intermediate, Race and Elite. The Race and Elite squads train 4 times per week. 

Seniors are split into men's and women's squads and train 4 times a week.

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Recreational rowing is aimed at people who wish to take part in the sport as a means of keeping fit rather than for competitive racing.  We run sessions on Saturdays at 10:30 & 1.00pm and Sundays at 10.30am plus Wednesdays at 6.30pm through Spring / Summer.  


As with rowing at Warrington there are several avenues to take if you want to be a cox, choosing to take control of competive crews, coach new starters or join in with the recreational rowing sessions. No experience necessary - we provide all the training.

The role of the cox can be summarised as follows;

  • Steering the boat
  • Coaching the crew
  • Providing motivation to the crew in training and races
  • Provide feedback on crew performance
  • Make tactical decisions during a race

Coaches' Corner

Coaches should be familiar with the following documents:

1a. British Rowing Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy

1b. How much and how often?

2a. Club Safety Plan

2b. British Rowing RowSafe Guidelines

3. Coaches Code of Conduct

4. Club Rules

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